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Dyno Tuning Session

Dyno Tuning Session

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Dyno Tuning Session 

Adding performance or upgrades to your car?  Measure the performance and output of a car helps the driver to tune the vehicle, giving it increased horsepower and torque.

Performance tuning, Straight Track, Circle track race car, ECU chip Tuning

Dyno tuning works by using the preferred settings of a vehicle and the systems to help enhance the performance to optimum levels. Some benefits of dyno tuning can include:

  • Increased drivability after modifications
  • Minimizing backfire
  • Maximum power
  • Stronger/faster acceleration

Another benefit is the possible prevention of maintenance and repairs. An engine that has been optimized for performance through dyno tuning will have stronger and faster acceleration. It won’t have to work as hard to accomplish the same performance, helping it to last longer.

 Software used: Hondata, Link, HTS, Neptune, Motec, Haltech, Fueltech


Tuning session pre-payment. 2 hours included for all motor cars. 3 hours included for forced induction/nitrous cars. This pricing is for single fuel only! Flex/tuning on 2 fuels will add half the original cost to the total. If your vehicle has issues, or goes over the allotted time that you've pre paid for. Tuning is billed at 150.00 per hour after. A vehicle thats 100% ready to tune will never exceed the times allotted. We require at minimum a deposit to schedule a tuning session. If you pay in full up front and cannot make the appointment thats setup, a 100.00 deposit fee will be deducted and the rest refunded to you.

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